Touring Interactive Map

This interactive performing arts map allows you to:

  • view performing arts activity by electorate, by artform and by type of activity
  • show major performing arts companies' activities
  • choose to display activity across all years and/or an individual year

What does MPA refer to?

The Australia Council funds 28 companies referred to as the Major Performing Arts Companies (MPA) through national, state and company tripartite agreements.

For further information on individual major performing arts companies visit the Members Companies page


Major Performing Arts Definition means the following criteria that demonstrate that a major performing arts company is prominent and significant, and has a proven track record of:

  • presenting work of a high artistic quality;
  • fostering a vibrant and sustainable cultural sector, including building the sector's economic and artistic potential through collaborations with small to medium performing arts companies on the development and/or presentation of works;
  • demonstrating a leadership role in the development of performing arts encompassing the development of artists, a commitment to the creation of professional development opportunities for young and emerging artists, artists in multicultural communities and
  • Indigenous and artists with disabilities;
  • demonstrating a leadership role in the development of audiences including young and disadvantaged audiences, multicultural audiences and more equal access for people with a disability;
  • demonstrated commitment to engaging with audiences in regional communities;
  • being governed by a responsible board that plans future activities in accordance with best practice governance guidelines and with respect to the company's financial capacity;
  • strong financial management which includes a mix of strong reserves, working capital and operating margin.
  • making ongoing improvements to its business which strengthen sustainability and reduce reliance on government subsidy over time including through productivity gains and establishing a broad income base comprising strong box office, sponsorship and philanthropy; and achieving earned (non-grant) income of at least $1.6 million adjusted annually for CPI.