AMPAG, West Australian Symphony Orchestra West Australian Symphony Orchestra:Dreams of Air and Flight

Dreams of Air and Flight

August 2020

Sat 15 

01:00 PM

West Australian Symphony Orchestra

West Australian Symphony Orchestra

Perth Concert Hall5 St Georges Terrace



Cast your eyes to the skies

A young boy, bewitched by his father's crazy brave ambition to fly, finds himself caught up in his dad’s fantasy. But when his father goes to war and does not return, it seems his spell may be broken, and all could be lost. Thankfully mechanical winged contraptions, fluffy white clouds and the endless blue sky offer some hope that the dream might indeed be possible.

Inspired by Grahame Baker-Smith’s poignant story FArTHER, this soaring concert for the whole family features music by Paul Rissmann set to stunning animations by Victor Craven in a concert program also featuring famed film composer John Williams. Join WASO and a children's choir as we cast our eyes to the skies this August.