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June 2020

Fri 19 

West Australian Ballet

West Australian Ballet

State Theatre Centre of WA Northbridge



An historic moment in our rich and long history! We are proud to introduce our new season – STATE.

 This season’s debut will present a contemporary showcase at the State Theatre. Bringing together a dynamic collection of breathtaking works, experience a new state of mind at WA’s home of contemporary dance.


Joining forces with the State’s premier contemporary dance company, Co:3 Australia, we present a bold and explosive work. In a context where hybridity and fusion are vogue, it stands testament to the distinct and authentic heritages of contemporary and classical form. This work explores the notion of death and transformation from classical ballet narratives such as Giselle and Swan Lake.


A full length, dramatic and powerful work by Graeme Murphy, one of Australia’s greatest choreographers. Journeys with unknown endings, gods who dwell in the everyday, doors that open onto nothingness, chance encounters that change everything and consequently everything before… these are the intangibles that propel this incredible work.


A breathtaking love story inspired by the myth of sculpture-master Pygmalion who asks Aphrodite to breathe life into his sculpture, Galatea, with whom he has fallen in love. This neo-classical work is filled with beautiful, silky fluid movements that will leave you spellbound.