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Dance Stages Shanghai Dance Festival

September 2018

Tue 25 

West Australian Ballet

West Australian Ballet




Following the success of the widely acclaimed World Premiere season of Dracula, West Australian Ballet were invited to take part in the exclusive Dance Stages Shanghai Dance Festival at the end of September. This will be the first time WAB have performed at the Festival. They will also take part in The Confucius Institute’s dance showcase featuring the Beijing Dance Academy, hosted at the Heath Leadger Theatre on 1 October.

Sandy Delasalle’s work Fallen, will be performed as a part of the The Confucius Institute’s dance showcase.

WAB will take three contemporary works to the Shanghai Festival, which takes place from 25 – 29 September in Shanghai, China. The biennial event debuted in 2016 and featured 24 dance companies from 11 countries.

West Australian Ballet’s Artistic Director, Aurélien Scannella, says not only will being a part of the Dance Stages Shanghai Dance Festival showcase the talent within West Australian Ballet, but also provide opportunities to network for potential touring opportunities.

“This is a great opportunity to show the diversity of our work, while also interacting with local and international presenters,” says Scannella.

The first piece to be performed at the Festival will be Claude Brumachon’s highly awarded pas de deux for two men, Les Indomptés. A piece that has been described as ‘outstanding’ and ‘irresistibly dynamic’ byThe Australian after West Australian Ballet performed the work in its Australian Premiere in 2018 atMilky Way: Ballet at the Quarry. The punchy duet will be performed by Principal dancerMatthew Lehmann and Corps de Ballet’sJesse Homes who embrace the energetic ‘dual flight’, allowing their instincts to take control and accentuate the raw and intense style of Brumachon’s choreography.

The second piece performed at the festival will be Eric Gauthier’s humorous ‘crash course’ in classical ballet,Ballet 101.Ballet 101 features 101 ballet positions with a reference to famous ballets and choreography. After being noted as ‘hilarious and technically taxing’ this piece will surely light up the Dance Stages Shanghai Dance Festival, as Principal dancerGakuro Matsui conveys this piece with his strong technical prowess.Ballet 101 was debuted by West Australian Ballet in 2017 atTakuto: Ballet at the Quarry.

The final piece that will be taken to Chinese and International audiences will beSimplicity which was choreographed by WAB dancer Claire Voss and performed at the Company’s 2018Genesis season, which allows Company dancers to express their creativity through choreography of short works. Voss’Simplicity is a neo-classical piece inspired by Daft Punk’s ‘Adagio for Tron’ used in Disney’s 2010 filmTron Legacy. The piece is a fluid pas de deux that focuses on the connection between the dancer and piece of music. To be performed in Shanghai by Matsui and fellow Principal,Chihiro Nomura, this work will create a fluid contrast from Brumachon and Gauthier’s energetic, yet sharp movement styles.

While in Shanghai, Scannella, along with Principal Ballet Mistress and Artistic Associate, Sandy Delasalle, will host a Masterclass as a part of the Festival.