AMPAG, Victorian Opera Victorian Opera:Yma Sumac: The Peruvian Songbird


Image Credits: ©Victorian Opera

June 2020

Thu 18 

07:30 PM

Victorian Opera

Victorian Opera

Arts Centre Melbourne



Helpmann Award-winning cabaret performer Ali McGregor brings her extraordinary voice to the music of the Peruvian sensation who astounded 1950s America with her five-octave range.

Are you ready to mambo?


In the 1950s when musical exotica was all the rage, Yma Sumac was a sensation – an Incan princess who astounded American audiences with her five-octave range and larger-than-life personality. She was a best-selling artist for Capitol Records, toured the world and appeared in a movie with Charlton Heston. Her songs have been sampled in lounge music, hip hop and movie soundtracks.

This one-woman show is a passion project for Helpmann Award-winning cabaret performer and soprano Ali McGregor, whose admiration for Sumac has led to her acquiring a collection of the singer’s jewellery and clothes in which she performs.

From the bird-like trills of ‘Chuncho’ to a mambo version of the ‘Queen of the Night’ aria, McGregor brings her astounding voice to Sumac’s music. Between vocal pyrotechnics, she tells Sumac’s story and her own journey discovering this fascinating artist.

Prepare to be enthralled by the lure of exoticism, mystery, heartbreak and above all – extraordinary singing.