AMPAG, Victorian Opera Victorian Opera:THE SELFISH GIANT

The Selfish Giant

October 2019

Thu 17 

07:30 PM

Victorian Opera

Victorian Opera

Gaswork Theatre



With real musical substance and subtle humour, this entertaining new work is a pure delight and will touch the hearts of audiences of any age.


Best known for his witty comedy of manners and novella The Picture of Dorian Gray, the multi-faceted Oscar Wilde also delved into the enchanting universe of fairy tales, producing splendid creative gems such as The Selfish Giant.

This beautiful new opera is about the necessity of opening up to the unknown in order to enrich our lives. A grumpy giant excludes children from his garden causing it to fall into perpetual winter. Only once he finds the love and generosity to welcome back the children, does his garden flourish with life and restore his happiness.

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