AMPAG, Victorian Opera Victorian Opera:MARGARET FULTON: THE MUSICAL


Image Credits: ©Victorian Opera

September 2020

Tue 15 

06:30 PM

Victorian Opera

Victorian Opera

Arts Centre Melbourne



Based on Margaret Fulton’s best-selling autobiography I Sang For My Supper: Memories Of A Food Writer, the culinary queen’s inspiring story comes to the stage as a playful musical.

A full ton of scrumptious fun


As Australia’s first culinary queen, Margaret Fulton long reigned supreme in the country’s kitchens as she taught a growing nation how to cook. From quiches and scones to nasi goreng and crème brûlée, her recipes revolutionised Australia’s palate from ‘meat and three veg’ to the flavours of the world.

Based on the best-selling autobiography I Sang for My Supper: Memories of a Food Writer,Margaret Fulton: The Musical brings her inspiring true story to the stage.

Charting Fulton’s rise from home cook to a household name in the swinging sixties, this playful musical comedy celebrates Australia’s coming of age through the lens of this wise trailblazing woman of the world.

A wholesome story with heart and soul, Margaret Fulton: The Musical will have you smiling in your seat and dancing your way into the kitchen.