AMPAG, Victorian Opera Victorian Opera:ALICE THROUGH THE OPERA GLASS


June 2019

Sat 15 

11:00 AM

Victorian Opera

Victorian Opera

Arts Centre Melbourne Playhouse



Peer into the magic looking glass and come on a fantastical journey with Alice and the White Rabbit.

Leave Wonderland behind and step into an alternative opera universe, a marvellous world for curious minds that will fascinate young and old alike.

An imagination as abundant as our heroine’s is a pre-requisite for this adventure that leaps across boundaries of opera time and space. Follow the White Rabbit through the corridors of time to meet famous characters from your favourite operas in this wonderfully creative pastiche, which includes music from Bizet, Delibes and Puccini.

Encounter the joy of music, the fun of discovery and the magic of theatre in one special hour.

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