AMPAG, Sydney Dance Company :Untamed


October 2016

Wed 19 

Sydney Dance Company

Sydney Dance Company

Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay



Sydney Dance Company’s Untamed is a match made in heaven, on earth, and somewhere in between. A Sydney exclusive double bill of vivid colour and wild physicality featuring the world premiere of Anima by Rafael Bonachela and Australian choreographic prodigy Gabrielle Nankivell’s smash hit Wildebeest.

Bonachela’s Anima, latin for breath, spirit and soul, will immerse you in a unique visual world by collaborator Clemens Habicht (known for his film clips for Flume, Bloc Party, Tame Impala). Set to an alluring and vibrant concerto for cello and strings by Bulgarian Grammy nominee Dobrinka Tabakova.

Nankivell’s eloquent creation, Wildebeest, returns to the stage after it’s sell-out premiere season in 2014. Showcasing the power of dancers as individuals and strength en masse. Moody and animalistic, it’s backed by a stormy and industrial score by Luke Smiles.

Discover your wildebeest within this October.

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