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Triple X

May 2020

Sat 02 

Sydney Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company




Scotty is living the dream. A successful Wall Street banker, he has just bought a Tribeca loft for a cool three million and is about to marry his beautiful and loaded girlfriend Kymberley.

Twenty-first century love

But Scotty has a secret that will outrage both his conservative mother Deb and progressive sister Claire: his ongoing affair with charismatic trans drag performer Dexie. This is an hysterically funny love story, but not for the faint-hearted.

NYC-based, two-time Griffin Award winner Glace Chase is both the writer and star ofTriple X, a deep dive into hypocrisy, self-deception, and the unknowable contours of attraction. Directed by Sydney Theatre Company’s Associate Director Paige Rattray (Black is the New White), it’s brilliantly comic, wildly provocative and ultimately moving.

Also featuring Josh McConville (Cloud Nine), Contessa Treffone (The Harp in the South) and Christen O’Leary,Triple X is a tender and wickedly funny look at social taboos and love out of bounds.

“You’ve not really done this before, have you Scotty?”  Dexie