AMPAG, Sydney Theatre Company Sydney Theatre Company:The Deep Blue Sea

The Deep Blue Sea

February 2020

Sat 08 

Sydney Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Roslyn Packer Theatre



It’s 1952 in post-Blitz London and Hester Collyer’s life is in turmoil. She has gambled everything – her home, her status, her marriage to a High Court judge – to pursue a life with the dashing RAF fighter pilot Freddie, and she has lost.

 Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, the deep blue sea suddenly looks very inviting. But Hester is determined to forge her own path in a repressive age.

Terence Rattigan was one of the great stage and screen writers of the twentieth century and The Deep Blue Seaone of his master works. In Hester, he has created one of the most striking heroines of his era: strong-willed, unconventional and complex.

After an almost decade-long absence from the STC stage, Marta Dusseldorp returns as Hester. She’s joined by Fayssal Bazzi (Mary Stuart) as the feckless Freddie, Brandon McClelland (Saint Joan), iconic performer Paul Capsis, John Adam, and Heath Ledger Award-winner Charmaine Bingwa making her STC debut.

Helmed by Associate Director Paige Rattray, The Deep Blue Sea is a beautiful, humanist drama about loss, longing, and having the courage to want more.

"To live without hope can mean to live without despair." Dr Miller