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Power Plays

September 2016

Thu 22 

Sydney Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Wharf 2Walsh Bay



Power Plays is a theatrical tasting menu of some of Australia’s finest writers. Their mission: to each write a satirical 20-minute play on the theme of power. The result: 100 minutes of hilarious theatre.

Melissa Bubnic, Michele Lee, Nakkiah Lui, Hannie Rayson and Debra Thomas are our five chosen writers. Some are STC veterans, some are making their debut. All of them have a wealth of smarts, a knack for the political and a gift for the comedic. How they use their talents to tackle the theme is up to them.

Conducting the potential mayhem safely onto the stage is our 2015 Richard Wherrett Fellow, director Paige Rattray (Boys will be boys). With her are a superb group of creatives – David Fleischer (Love and Information), Ross Graham (Boys will be boys) and Steve Toulmin (Little Mercy) – who will create the set, costumes, light and sound for these five exciting new works.

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