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No Pay? No Way!

February 2020

Fri 14 

Sydney Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Drama TheatreSydney Opera House



A whip-smart new adaptation of a raucous 70s farce from ABC TV’s comedy powerhouse Marieke Hardy and starring the incomparable Helen Thomson (Mary Stuart), “a rare comedic talent” (Daily Review).

A riotous comedy about getting what you’re owed

Prices are out of control – and so is Antonia. Sick of having barely enough to pay the gas bill, she leads an uprising at a local supermarket that sees a group of angry housewives shoplift ‘til they drop. Now, with a pile of newly “liberated” loot, Antonia and her best friend Margherita embark on a ludicrous, laugh-a-minute escapade, keeping their well-meaning but bumbling husbands in the dark and staying three steps ahead of the coppers.

No Pay? No Way! (sometimes known as Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!) is the work of Dario Fo, Nobel Laureate and the master of theatrical farce. True to form, the show mixes political satire, hilarious plot twists and sharp-as-a-tack dialogue to create a thrilling experience. 

Brought to life by director Sarah Giles (Accidental Death of an Anarchist) with a cast of Catherine Văn-Davies (Going Down), Glenn Hazeldine (Così), Rahel Romahn (Lord of the Flies) and Aaron Tsindos (Muriel's Wedding the Musical), No Pay? No Way! is exhilarating, insightful and chaotically funny.

“I didn’t nick it. I liberated it.” Antonia 

This play will be presented at two venues in 2020
10 Feb – 20 Mar | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
1 Apr – 4 Apr | Riverside Theatres, Parramatta