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Image Credits: Rene Vaile

April 2019

Fri 12 

08:00 PM

Sydney Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Drama Theatre Sydney Opera House



The Australian premiere of this international hit is a spellbinding tale of sibling rivalry set against a backdrop of cutting-edge scientific discovery.

By Lucy Kirkwood

Australian premiere

Is love the strongest force in the universe?

Alice is a scientist working towards an important new discovery. Jenny is her sister, and believes any conspiracy she reads on the internet. They couldn’t be more different. So, when tragedy forces them together, the impact has unexpected consequences.

Playwright Lucy Kirkwood “tackles giant themes with a swaggering showmanship” (The Telegraph, UK). Here, she continues her extraordinary run of hit shows, following on from Chimerica (2017) and The Children (2018). Mosquitoes is perhaps her best yet – a perfectly focused family drama woven together with big questions about the universe and our very existence.

It’s 2008 and Alice’s team of physicists at the Large Hadron Collider are searching for the Higgs Boson, stitching together the fabric of the cosmos. But at home, Alice’s family is falling apart at the seams. It’s a story of facts and feelings, of resilience and decay, of particle physics and sibling rivalry, that reaches to the edges of time and space without ever losing touch with its very human heart.

Production Patrons The Donor Syndicate

Approx. duration 2hrs 20mins (including interval). Subject to change. More info
Content warning Strong language, adult themes. Subject to change. More info