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How to Rule the World

Image Credits: Rene Vaile

February 2019

Fri 15 

08:00 PM

Sydney Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Drama Theatre Sydney Opera House



A motley group of political operatives plot to take over the world – using a likeable white guy as a puppet. A new, hilarious stinging satire on Australian politics.

By Nakkiah Lui

World premiere

Sex, lies and the balance of power

An Aboriginal, an Asian and an Islander walk into a bar. It’s not the beginning of a racist joke, it’s the catalyst for a stinging satire on Australian politics from award-winning playwright Nakkiah Lui (Black is the New White).

Vic, Zaza and Chris are political insiders hustling their way to the top. They want influence, they want change, they want to take over Parliament House. They leave that bar drunk on power, with a plan to take over the world. First step: find a likeable white guy to use as a political puppet. What could possibly go wrong?

In the hands of STC Associate Director Paige Rattray, who brought us Lui’s smash-hit rom com Black is the New WhiteHow to Rule the World is a fast-paced comedy that tackles our country’s myths of multiculturalism and the fair go. This motley group of political operatives are convinced they can beat the system from the inside. But will they change the system? Or will the system change them?

Production patron Simona Kamenev

Approx. duration 2hrs 10mins (including interval). Subject to change. More info
Content warning Strong language, adult themes, drug use, sexual references. Subject to change. More info