AMPAG, Sydney Theatre Company Sydney Theatre Company:Arcadia


February 2016

Fri 12 

Sydney Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Drama Theatre



Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia is recognised as one of the 20th century’s great plays. In his matchless style, he brings together comedy, science, suspense and romantic entanglements. And all in the one room.

In a stately home in the British countryside, two intertwined narratives, two hundred years apart, are playing out. In April 1809, bright young Thomasina and her tutor Septimus are inventing chaos theory a century too early – or perhaps they are simply falling in love? Two hundred years later, two scholars, hooked on the past’s unsolved mysteries, try to piece the truth together from the puzzling fragments that remain.

Through it all, Stoppard’s writing effortlessly evokes the unknowability of the past and the many casual moments that determine our fate.

Directed by Richard Cottrell, whose production of Stoppard’s Travesties was a hit in 2009, Arcadia brings back to STC the delightful talents of Ryan Corr (Sex with Strangers), Blazey Best (Travesties), Andrea Demetriades (Arms and the Man), Glenn Hazeldine (After Dinner) and Josh McConville (Noises Off) in a play that will entrance, stimulate and illuminate.

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