AMPAG, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra:The 1950s Latin Lounge

The 1950s Latin Lounge

Image Credits: Sydney Symphony Orchestra

February 2020

Wed 05 

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Town Hall



Start the season with a night out in Manhattan, circa 1950! The Sydney Town Hall is transformed into a vibrant nightclub straight from New York’s Golden Age, a time when soigné spots like the Copacabana were the place to be seen. The crowd is glamourous, and the cocktails are strong.

The soundtrack? Rhumba, mambo and chachachá as performed by charismatic stars like Desi Arnaz and Yma Sumac. Uptown, Leonard Bernstein was writingWest Side Story, bringing unforgettable Latin fire to Broadway.

Guy Noble, the inimitable Ali McGregor and burlesque diva Imogen Kelly return to shimmy and shake up the night. Be ready for a dance party – conga line included.