AMPAG, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra:Rebel, Gabrieli and Vivaldi

Rebel, Gabrieli and Vivaldi

Image Credits: Sydney Symphony Orchestra

June 2020

Wed 10 

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

City Recital Hall



The riches of the Venetian empire weren’t just silk and gold – they were her artists and musicians.

Claudio Monteverdi, pioneer of opera, was composer-in-residence at the Basilica San Marco, a post held earlier by the innovative Giovanni Gabrieli. These masters established a uniquely Venetian sound – deeply affecting, solemn, and specially conceived to resound in glittering interiors.

The intricate interplay of voices in Vivaldi's concerto for four violins is so compelling that even J.S. Bach loved it. Vivaldi’s ‘Italian Style’ travelled well, and French composer Jean-Fery Rebel adopted its alert rhythms and dramatic harmony for truly audacious works like his opera-ballet Les élémens.

Conductor Benjamin Bayl, a specialist in this repertoire, is our guide to Venice and beyond.