AMPAG, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra:Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf

Image Credits: Sydney Symphony Orchestra

July 2020

Sun 05 

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

The Concourse Concert Hall



Sergei Prokofiev’s musical fairytale has been entertaining young people and their parents for generations, introducing them to the instruments of the orchestra.

Peter’s friends – flighty bird, slinky cat, waddling duck – are so perfectly played by the flute, clarinet and oboe that you’ll never forget their sounds. But watch out for the hungry wolf (and his menacing French Horns)! James Valentine tells the story of Peter’s adventures in the Russian forest with the help of the Sydney Symphony.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s father Leopold (probably) wrote the delightful Toy Symphony, where kazoos, rattles, drums, warbling birds and other toys play along with the orchestra so that everyone can join the fun.

Suitable for all ages, especially 5 to 12 years.