AMPAG, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra:Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies

November 2016

Sun 20 

05:00 PM

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Bay 17Carriageworks



The musicians of the SSO are heading to Carriageworks with Artist in Residence Brett Dean for a concert of brand new music and contemporary classics.

Steve Reich’s Clapping Music is the ultimate in minimalism: two musicians making music with their bodies, phasing in and out of unison. In Panurge’s Sheep American Frederic Rzewski plays a similar game, telling the players: ‘Stay together as long as you can, but if you get lost, stay lost.’ This is a concert that’s all about the quest for perfection and the joys of human fallibility. There’s the beauty of trial and error, and the delight when serendipity leads the creative soul to an oblique strategy...