AMPAG, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra:Nelson Freire plays Schumann

Nelson Freire plays Schumann

September 2016

Wed 21 

08:00 PM

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Opera House



Pianist Nelson Freire makes a long-awaited return to Sydney, performing Schumann. Rachmaninoff’s most popular symphony completes this heartfelt program.

Few pianists are as widely admired as Brazilian Nelson Freire. And his welcome return to Australia after two decades will see him perform a concerto perfectly suited to both the poetry and the virtuosity of his art. Schumann’s rhapsodic Piano Concerto is music from the heart, composed for his new wife to play and full of irresistible beauty.

Rachmaninoff’s Second Symphony was a hit long before Eric Carmen borrowed its best tune for ‘Never Gonna Fall in Love Again’. And it’s the gorgeous gloominess of the music that has made it popular. Never has heartfelt emotion and sighing melancholy been so glamorous! Add Beethoven in dramatic mode and you have a program of poetic and emotionally moving music.