AMPAG, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra:Mozart and Shostakovich

Mozart and Shostakovich

Image Credits: Sydney Symphony Orchestra

May 2020

Fri 01 

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Utzon Room Sydney Opera House



The enigmatic and audacious dissonances that open Mozart’s String Quartet are the dark cloud to the silver lining that follows, an outpouring of radiant sunshine.

In quintessential Mozart style, an effortlessly elegant stream of melodies follow. The ‘Dissonance’ Quartet is one of Mozart’s most famous and beloved works.

Shostakovich’s String Quartet No.9 doesn’t shy away from dissonance, to powerful effect. It’s as vivacious and expressive as Mozart’s quartet. Shostakovich creates a dynamic four-way conversation between equals, sometimes spirited and energetic, sometimes – as in the profound slow movements – in hushed, heartfelt unity. The five seamlessly connected movements of Shostakovich’s ninth string quartet comprise one of the greatest pieces of 20th Century chamber music.