AMPAG, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra:Barber and Poulenc

Barber and Poulenc

Image Credits: Sydney Symphony Orchestra

March 2020

Fri 27 

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Utzon Room Sydney Opera House



The woodwinds are arguably the most versatile family of instruments in the orchestra, supremely lyrical, virtuosic, and capable of a dazzling array of colours.

The winds of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (and a member joining from their French horn section) showcase their talents and extraordinary range of colour in an oboe trio by Australian master Paul Stanhope and through the devilishly French wit of a duo sonata for bassoon and clarinet by Francis Poulenc (premiered at the same theatre that saw theRite of Spring riot).

Samuel Barber’s Summer Music for wind quintet is a classic of the genre. Bluesy, languid and mysterious, it distills the essence of summertime heat.

A folk-inflected modernism inspires the changing moods of lament, lyricism and pure vivacious fun in György Ligeti’s Bagatelles.