AMPAG, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra:Alexandre’s Playlist

Alexandre’s Playlist

November 2016

Tue 01 

06:30 PM

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

City Recital Hall Angel Place Angel Pl



Playlist. One musician’s inspiration, one informal hour. Get to know Principal Cor Anglais Alexandre Oguey through the music that has inspired him.

Playlist is our brand new series at Angel Place. The format is a one-hour informal concert, perfect for newcomers to classical music or for those who’ve been following the orchestra for years. In each concert you’ll get to know a member of the SSO through a personally curated program – a Playlist – of the music that has accompanied key life moments and made them laugh, dance and cry. Afterwards… join us at the bar to meet the SSO musicians in person.

For this concert, Swiss-born Alexandre Oguey has taken great delight in shaping a quirky and enchanting program, filled with music that’s brilliant, haunting and magical.