AMPAG, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra:A Viennese Gala

A Viennese Gala

Image Credits: Sydney Smphony Orchestra

September 2020

Sat 05 

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Town Hall



Simone Young’s Visions of Vienna takes us to the glittering ballrooms of the world’s musical capital.

She celebrates the exuberance of the waltz kings, particularly the Johann Strausses – senior and junior. The Strausses were the stars of waltz-crazed Vienna, admired even by luminaries – including Brahms. Our Viennese Gala is a tribute to the iconic music and high society of Vienna and features the most famous expressions of its musical splendour:On the Beautiful Blue Danube and theRadetsky March. And Richard Strauss will outdo everyone with sparkling waltzes from his own immortal tribute to Vienna, Der Rosenkavalier.

Completely at home in these gilded environs, Simone Young is our foremost conductor of music from heights of the Romantic, drawing all the hypnotic movement and opulent colour from this timeless music.