AMPAG, Queensland Theatre Queensland Theatre Company:Disgraced


Image Credits: image: Jeff Busby

October 2016

Fri 14 

Queensland Theatre

Queensland Theatre

Playhouse QPAC



Pulitzer Prize-winning Disgraced is a stirring drama with veins of jet-black humour that poses challenging questions about identity, tribalism and how deadly conflicts half a world away can rip apart seemingly unrelated lives in a New York minute.

It’s a Manhattan dinner party that ought to be a stimulating night in. Four intellectual friends – two high-powered lawyers, an artist and a gallery curator – gather in a ritzy Upper East Side apartment to shoot the breeze. But this will be a night when tensions mount, voices are raised and friendships will lie in tatters by morning.

A lapsed Pakistani Muslim, his Caucasian wife, an African-American and a Jew – none of them can agree on what it means to be American in a New York where the wounds caused by Muslim terrorists on September 11, 2001 never really healed.

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