AMPAG, Queensland Symphony Orchestra Queensland Symphony Orchestra:The Great Symphony

The Great Symphony

July 2019

Sat 20 

07:30 PM

Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Queensland Symphony Orchestra

QPAC Concert Hall



Simone Young Returns

Conductor: Simone Young
Soloist: Nils Mӧnkemeyer, Viola

Brett Dean Notturno inquieto (Australian premiere)
Bartók Viola Concerto
Schubert Symphony No.9 in C (Great C Major)

Franz Schubert’s ninth symphony is like a fantastic machine from the steam age. Like hundreds of tiny cogs and wheels, small snatches of melody are passed back and forth between the instruments of the orchestra. Moment by moment, the music builds into an epic and joyous wall of sound. Also in this concert, enjoy the chance to hear the viola as a solo instrument. Bartók uses the instrument’s mellow tone to great effect in this intense viola concerto, which explores the composer’s grief about the Second World War and despair about his devastated country. Finally, we include an Australian farewell on a smaller scale. Composer Brett Dean was formerly a violist with the Berlin Philharmonic and he wroteNotturno Inquietowhen that orchestra bid farewell to its dynamic chief conductor, Simon Rattle.