AMPAG, Queensland Symphony Orchestra Queensland Symphony Orchestra:Romeo & Juliet - Maestro & Morning Masterwork Series

Romeo & Juliet

March 2019

Sat 16 

07:30 PM

Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Queensland Symphony Orchestra

QPAC Concert Hall



Tragedy Never Sounded so Beautiful

Conductor Diego Matheuz
Soloist Marie-Pierre Langlamet, Harp

Rossini William Tell Overture*
Ginastera Concerto for Harp and Orchestra
Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet Suite 
*Not featured in Morning Masterworks

The William Tell Overture’s driving force conjures cavalry horses galloping at reckless speed. Ginastera’s Concerto illustrates the harp’s rich versatility as a sound-maker. Musically, the score shifts between tunefulness and dissonance while blistering rhythms alternate with rhapsodic interludes. The first and third movements draw from the Argentinian ‘Malambo’, a visceralgaucho dance noted for foot stamping. Listen for the sound pictures in Prokofiev’s sweepingRomeo and JulietSuite originally conceived as a ballet. Theatrical, the romantic score is studded with musical imagery - sword fights, Romeo’s skittish puppy and plush melodies portraying the tragic lovers.

Additional performance: Friday 15 March, 11AM