AMPAG, Queensland Symphony Orchestra Queensland Symphony Orchestra:Romance and Revolution

Romance and Revolution

September 2019

Thu 12 

07:30 PM

Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Queensland Symphony Orchestra

QPAC Concert Hall



The Spirit of Invention

Conductor Joseph Swensen
Soloist Paul Lewis, Piano

Vine V – An Orchestral Fanfare
Beethoven Piano Concerto No.3 in C minor for Piano and Orchestra, Op.37
Prokofiev Symphony No.5 in B flat

What do you call a piece that only runs five minutes? Australian composer Carl Vine decided a short work deserved a short title and called it simply V (for the Roman numeral!). ‘I wanted to sing of the free, happy man, his mighty power, his chivalry and purity of spirit,’ said Prokofiev about his searching Fifth Symphony which overflows with persuasive charm. Yet it’s also witty, edgy and contrarian, with exquisite melodies. 

Queensland Symphony Orchestra's Artist-in-Residence program is supported by The University of Queensland. Presented by Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Brisbane Festival.