AMPAG, Queensland Ballet Queensland Ballet:The Masters Series

The Masters Series

Image Credits: Artists Chiara Gonzalez, Libby-Rose Neiderer, Tamara Hanton and Lina Kim. Creative Direction Designfront. Photography Juli Balla

May 2019

Fri 17 

07:30 PM

Queensland Ballet

Queensland Ballet

Queensland Performing Arts Centre



A breathtaking triple bill featuring masterpieces from ballet’s best.

Legendary choreographer George Balanchine’s iconic Serenade is a jewel of ballet repertoire. Exhilarating and highly emotive, this formative piece has enthralled audiences for decades.

Jiří Kylián’s Soldier’s Mass explores the horrors of war through the eyes of young soldiers. Kylian’s masterful choreography offers a powerful commentary on the devastation of war that will move audiences.

Acclaimed choreographer Trey McIntyre investigates the depths of human nature and the qualities that bridge the gaps between us in a world premiere work. Created for our Company, this distinctive piece will demonstrate the excellence of choreographer and dancers alike.