AMPAG, Malthouse Theatre Orchestra Victoria:Grey Arias

Grey Arias

Image Credits: Allison Michael Orenstein & Lee Faircloth

March 2020

Thu 26 

07:00 PM

Malthouse Theatre

Malthouse Theatre

113 Sturt Street




Le Gateau Chocolat (Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets) is a man. Adrienne Truscott (Wild Bore) is a woman.

Le Gateau Chocolat is a gay, black, English-Nigerian man and drag artiste. Adrienne Truscott is a cis white feminist American female performance artist.

Le Gateau Chocolat is a multi-award-winning, plus-sized, bearded, drag diva feminist. Adrienne Truscott is a multi-award-winning comedian and provocateur who enjoys chocolate cake, up to a point.

They are dear friends and here, as in everyday life, they perform a multiplicity of identities: perceived, lived and projected. As banter turns personal, political debates intersect, grey areas are exposed, and grey arias intoned. In between big show numbers, they spring rhetorical traps designed to catch any who overstep the blurred lines of political correctness and interrogate the meaning and boundaries of allyship.

When the faggot meets the feminist they ask: how does one walk the fine line that delineates marginalised perspectives?

In heels, obviously. Crack.