AMPAG, Musica Viva Musica Viva:Sitkovetsky Trio

Sitkovetsky Trio

July 2017

Sat 08 

07:00 PM

Musica Viva

Musica Viva

31 Sturt St



Three young virtuosi with countless solo prizes to their names come together to form the Sitkovetsky Trio. Their bold program progresses from darkness to light, in trios by Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Mendelssohn and Lachlan Skipworth.

Three young virtuosi with countless solo prizes and achievements to their names: together, the music-making of the Sitkovetsky Trio is little short of miraculous. In their hands the piano trio becomes a miniature orchestra, making huge worlds of colour and texture from their personal, intimate musical format. Pianist Wu Qian and violinist Aleksander Sitkovetsky met as students at the Menuhin School; cellist Danjulo Ishizaka comes from the finest German tradition.

There is something utterly gorgeous about their performances: so vivid, it’s as though they are sharing their freshest, most delighted first impressions with their listeners. Following the ecstatic audience response to their 2014 debut tour for Musica Viva, the Trio was immediately invited to return.

Rachmaninoff’s Trio élégiaque no 1, written while still studying with Tchaikovsky, has glimpses of that composer throughout. Its decidedly Russian flavour finds a cousin in Shostakovich’s second trio, which likewise reflects on death, from its ghostly opening cello solo through to the emotionally wrenching danse macabreof the finale.

Australian composer Lachlan Skipworth drew on his studies in Japan when creating his Piano Trio. Taking inspiration from a shakuhachi melody known asPounding Wave, the Trio grows organically through its three movements, moving ever forward with the ‘relentless power of the ocean’.

This program progresses from darkness to light. Although it is in the usually gloomy key of D minor, Mendelssohn’s Trio stands alongside his Octet as one of his most captivating works. Concluding with one of the showiest, most dazzling, life-affirming finales in the repertoire, it makes a perfect end to a thoroughly uplifting concert.

You can also join us for a Weekday concert on Tuesday 18 July, at 7pm.

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