AMPAG, Musica Viva Musica Viva:Orchestra of The Age of Enlightenment & Rachel Podger

Orchestra of The Age of Enlightenment & Rachel Podger

November 2017

Tue 14 

07:00 PM

Musica Viva

Musica Viva

31 Sturt St



Britain’s most revolutionary orchestra makes its first, widely anticipated tour of Australia for Musica Viva. Led by acclaimed violinist Rachel Podger and played on original instruments, enjoy symphonies by Haydn and JC Bach, as well as two violin concertos by Mozart.

Britain’s most revolutionary orchestra makes its first, widely anticipated full tour of Australia in 2017, for Musica Viva. Formed 30 years ago by a democratic group of period instrument specialists, it continues to break new ground in what it means to be an orchestra, creating concerts where brilliant execution is matched onstage by gleeful enjoyment.

In this case, the Orchestra is a band of 20 expert musicians, playing on authentic instruments including two Classical-era oboes and ‘natural’ horns as well as strings, led by the acclaimed violinist Rachel Podger. One of the best-known and universally respected players in her field, Rachel is most familiar to Australian listeners through her countless beautiful recordings of early music.

The wonderful, forward-looking, revolutionary epoch which gives the Orchestra its name is brought to enchanting life through heavenly violin concertos by Mozart, and a sparkling sinfonia by his teacher Johann Christian Bach (the ‘London’ Bach). The Age of Enlightenment spanned the full length of the 18th century: a catch-all title for a European burst of interest in experimentation, clarity, and reason. Haydn’s Symphony no 36 sets the tone perfectly, as the epitome of grace – not least in a ravishing slow movement which is practically a tiny violin concerto in itself.

Lovers of chamber music adore the OAE as a kind of supersized chamber ensemble. Each player brings a soloistic level of talent and engagement to a greater whole – and the effect is unforgettable!

You can also enjoy our weekend concert on Saturday 18 November at 7pm

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This tour is supported by the Musica Viva Amadeus Society