AMPAG, Musica Viva Musica Viva:Angela Hewitt

Angela Hewitt

May 2017

Thu 25 

07:30 PM

Musica Viva

Musica Viva

128 King Williams St



Acclaimed as one of the world’s great pianists, everything about Angela Hewitt’s playing serves to highlight the innate beauty in each piece.

Angela Hewitt is acclaimed as one of the world’s great pianists, especially adored for her interpretations of Johann Sebastian Bach and like-minded composers, where her delight in intricate filigree finds greatest room for expression. Everything about her approach to playing music – rigorous research, faultless technique, emotional openness – serves to highlight the innate beauty in each work she plays.

This concert program offers the pleasure of exploring the musical lineage between teachers and students. Beethoven knew, played and loved the Preludes and Fugues of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, at a time when that late master’s music was considered old-fashioned. Recognising a true genius, Beethoven referred to Bach as the Father of Harmony; and made a respectful pun on the German meaning of Bach (brook), calling him ‘not a brook but an ocean’. Beethoven’s Classical, clear-textured F minor Sonata is dedicated to a real-life mentor rather than a historical one: his sometime teacher Joseph Haydn. And in turn, the dedicatee of the famous ‘Moonlight’ Sonata was Beethoven’s own pupil, the Austrian countess and famous beauty Giulietta Guicciardi. Angela Hewitt’s fleet fingers seem perfectly formed both for its eternally beloved slow movement, and for the quicksilver drama of its thrilling finale.

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