AMPAG, Melbourne Theatre Company Melbourne Theatre Company:Vivid White

Vivid White

November 2017

Thu 23 

Melbourne Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company

140 Southbank Boulevard



Forget friendship, forget respect, forget human decency – this is the Australian property market. Eddie Perfect doles out a healthy dose of black comedy for a merciless new home-grown satire with songs.

Liz and Ben have known Cynthia and Evan for years and would never let anything get in the way of their friendship. Except. When the couples each set their sights on buying the same house – well, that’s different. Forget friendship, forget respect, forget human decency: this is the property market. And nothing, not even the imminent collapse of civilisation itself, can stop the zombie-like single-mindedness of buying the perfect house.

In his previous play commissioned by MTC, The Beast, Eddie Perfect’s wild satirical mind created a living nightmare out of middle-class aspirations.Vivid White goes even further, adding satirical songs to the mix for a truly merciless night of outrageous comedy.

It is becoming a small tradition at MTC to stage plays that take bold, healthy swipes at Australia’s sacred institutions, and who better to direct this vicious new satire thanDean Bryant, with a stellar cast led byThe Speechmaker’sBrent Hill and two-time Helpmann Award-winnerVerity Hunt-Ballard, still glowing from her triumph as Mary Poppins on the musical stage.

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