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True West

Image Credits: Melbourne Theatre Company

August 2020

Thu 06 

Melbourne Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company

Southbank Theatre The Summer



Josh McConville stars in a fiery new production of Sam Shepard’s masterwork, True West.

Austin is a young, ambitious screenwriter on the verge of his first big hit. He's taking sanctuary house-sitting for his mum at their family home in southern California, but the quiet of the desert is shattered by the unexpected arrival of Austin’s brother, Lee, a part-time thief and full-time hustler. When Lee embroils himself in Austin’s next film project, tensions quickly flare and brutal ambition gives rise to a deadly stand-off.

Everyone has a breaking point and some relationships are made to push our buttons. In his darkly witty masterpiece of modern theatre, Pulitzer Prize-winning writerSam Shepard creates the perfect powder-keg of sibling rivalry to explore the troubled heart of American history.

True Westis a searing portrait of blood brothers – polar opposites, inextricably linked, whose savage relationship embodies their country’s pent-up resentments. This fiery new production is directed by MTC Associate Artistic DirectorSarah Goodes (A Doll's House, Part 2), starring Josh McConville (Golden Shield). 

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