AMPAG, Melbourne Theatre Company Melbourne Theatre Company:Macbeth


June 2017

Fri 09 

08:00 PM

Melbourne Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company

140 Southbank Boulevard



After his unforgettable productions of Richard III and Hamlet, Simon Phillips brings Shakespeare back to MTC with a fearsome new production of this epic tragedy.

In the aftermath of battle, flushed with victory, two soldiers have a bizarre encounter. Three unearthly women prophesy for them undreamed-of greatness. But when shortly afterwards the first of their prophecies come true, one of them dares to imagine…

And thus begins the reign of Shakespeare’s most tormented tyrant. Driven to ever increasing horror in his attempts to cover his tracks and second-guess his rivals, Macbeth sinks deeper and deeper into isolation and madness. The originalGame of Thrones – and the best. All dark and comfortless, Shakespeare’s restless epic shows a man’s slow immersion in the corruption that comes with power.

Following the great success of former Artistic Director Simon Phillips’ recent Shakespeare productions, Richard III andHamlet, which garnered Green Room and Helpmann awards, this fearsome reinterpretation ofMacbeth completes a trilogy of unforgettable Shakespearean productions for MTC.

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