AMPAG, Melbourne Theatre Company Melbourne Theatre Company:Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones

August 2016

Fri 05 

08:00 PM

Melbourne Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company

Arts Centre Melbourne



Hailed as an Australian To Kill a Mockingbird, Craig Silvey's acclaimed, best-selling novel is lovingly adapted for the stage by Kate Mulvany, directed by MTC Associate Artistic Director Sam Strong.

Late one summer night in 1965, young Charlie is startled by fierce rapping on the window of his sleep-out. It’s Jasper Jones, the baddest kid in the wheatbelt town of Corrigan. Steer clear of him, parents say, he’s nothing but trouble. And now he’s outside Charlie’s window, begging him to come see something, something awful, something that’ll change his life.

A heart-warming coming-of-age story wrapped in a mystery, Jasper Jones recalls a long, simmering summer in which friendships are tested and illusions are lost. Now,Sam Strongtransforms this tender small-town morality tale into a rich and poignant new production.