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May 2019

Thu 23 

Melbourne Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company



Simon Stephens astounded audiences with his remarkable The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time in 2018. Now, this Tony Award-winning playwright is back with an intimate and life-affirming romantic comedy.

‘Is this the strangest thing that two people have ever done in the history of the world?’

At a bustling London train station, 42-year-old American, Georgie, kisses the neck of a much older Englishman, Alex. This electric encounter thrusts two perfect strangers into a fascinating and unlikely relationship, part friendship, part love-affair. But is Georgie really all she seems?

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle helped redefine the world of physics, but Stephens is less concerned with quantum mechanics than with the atomic uncertainty of the human heart. With wit and dry humour, Heisenberg asks us to take a chance on love and embrace the magic of the unknown.

Star of stage and screen, Kat Stewart (Offspring), will shine as the quirky, freespirited Georgie with acclaimed directorTom Healey (The Spook) making his debut with MTC for this Australian Premiere.

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