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Golden Shield

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August 2019

Fri 16 

Melbourne Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company



A stunning new legal drama from a trail-blazer of contemporary theatre, Anchuli Felicia King.

It’s 2006 and less than 10% of China is online. The Chinese government looks to Silicon Valley to protect their citizens from the unfiltered chaos of the internet, resulting in the construction of an epic firewall called the Golden Shield. With American companies actively working to build it – stifling political debate in the process – are they responsible, or just doing good business? If they can be prosecuted for working against the promotion of democracy, should they? And if dissidents start disappearing, who should be put on trial?

With interweaving storylines from across the globe, Golden Shield is an urgent legal drama that explores the personal and political ramifications of corporate greed in the global economy. A trail-blazer of contemporary theatre,Anchuli Felicia King finds fascination in the space where technology and tradition meet for this piercing, funny and extremely timely new play.

This World Premiere production will be directed bySarah Goodes (Switzerland), featuringNicholas Bell (North by Northwest),Jing-Xuan Chan (Hungry Ghosts),Josh McConville(The Sublime) andYuchen Wang (Little Emperors).

Commissioned throughMTC’s NEXT STAGE Writers’ Program with the support of our Playwrights Giving Circle Donors, The Ian Potter Foundation, The Myer Foundation, Malcolm Robertson Foundation and The University of Melbourne.

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