AMPAG, Melbourne Theatre Company Melbourne Theatre Company:Di and Viv and Rose

Di and Viv and Rose

August 2017

Thu 17 

08:00 PM

Melbourne Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company

140 Southbank Boulevard



A heart-warming new comedy celebrating the enduring bonds between three lifelong friends is brought to life by the incomparable Nadine Garner under the direction of renowned theatre-maker Marion Potts.

From different classes, from different places, with different experiences and expectations, Di, Viv and Rose would never have crossed paths if they hadn’t shared a flat all those years ago at university. For a while, the laughs and the troubles bound them together. But surely time, which delivers triumph, disaster and change so unequally and unpredictably, will slowly draw these three women apart.

Recent MTC productions have thrown a spotlight on friendships, and how fragile they can sometimes be.Amelia Bullmore tells a different story in Di and Viv and Rose, equally true, that between some friends bonds can loosen, stretch and strain, yet never break.

Starring the incomparable Nadine Garner (The Weir,Private Lives), under the direction of renowned theatre-maker Marion Potts, this much-heralded new play spans the years, and spins the yarns to evoke a story of enduring friendship that is undoubtedly one of the most moving tales to hit the stage in many years.

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