AMPAG, Melbourne Theatre Company Melbourne Theatre Company:Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday

January 2017

Thu 19 

08:00 PM

Melbourne Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company

Arts Centre Melbourne



We open the Season in 1940s style with Garson Kanin's Broadway classic – a screwball romance that has plenty to say about the dark side of politics and the power of knowledge.

With the war over and Europe littered with a billion tons of scrap metal, junk-yard tycoon Harry Brock settles into a swank Washington hotel suite ready to grease palms and browbeat Senators. Yet how can he win over Congress if his girlfriend, Billie, is always bringing down the tone? Enter Paul Verrall, a bleeding-heart reporter, who knows enough about Washington to be cynical. For a price, Verrall could teach Billie a few things. But does she have the capacity to learn? Does she ever!

We open the season with Garson Kanin’s evergreen Broadway comedy, a screwball fable in which cold-eyed cynicism and cock-eyed optimism mix as smoothly as gin and vermouth. It’sLegally Blonde out on a spree withMr Smith Goes to Washington.

MTC Associate Director Dean Bryant has found the perfect Billie Dawn in musical comedy starChristie Whelan Browne (The Odd Couple,The Producers,The Drowsy Chaperone), who’ll bring everything she knows to a character who knows practically nothing. Joining Christie as her bookish love interest is rising starJoel Jackson(Foxtel’sDeadline Gallipoli, Seven’sPeter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door and the upcoming feature filmJungle with Daniel Radcliffe) alongside MTC regularsHeidi Arena(The Beast) andRichard Piper (Double Indemnity).

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