AMPAG, Malthouse Theatre Malthouse Theatre:War and Peace (Around a Kitchen Table)

War and Peace (Around a Kitchen Table)

Image Credits: Andrew Gough

October 2016

Wed 19 

07:30 PM

Malthouse Theatre

Malthouse Theatre

The Coopers Malthouse113 Sturt St



// is a feast of contradictions.

War and Peace (Around a Kitchen Table) / puts you in the hands of one of the world’s most notorious theatre collectives, Berlin’s Gob Squad.

Forget the fourth wall. This performance breaks all the rules by incorporating footage from inside and outside the theatre. As a group of artisans in period costume gather to contemplate the grandeur of Tolstoy’s epic novel over dinner, it becomes clear that the kitchen table is wired to a system of cameras, stretching out beyond the audience and into the city of Melbourne.

Both the actors and the audience may be aghast 
to discover that they resemble characters from Tolstoy’s book. Closed-circuit camera footage reveals how a lack of conflict may arise from a lack of concern. Our notions of privilege are informed by a reality made comfortable and complacent by peace, so what happens when global conflict hits home?

One man’s feast is another man’s famine, and this / is a feast of contradictions.

War and Peace (Around a Kitchen Table)
18 – 30 October
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