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The Fiery Maze

Image Credits: Stephen Ward

August 2016

Sat 20 

08:00 PM

Malthouse Theatre

Malthouse Theatre

The Coopers Malthouse113 Sturt St



// maps the twists and turns of desire.

The Fiery Maze / sets the poetry of Dorothy Porter to music composed by Tim Finn. Conceived by Porter and Finn in 1995 as a ‘rock concert album’, the talents of these two extraordinary artists combine to produce raw, intimate songs about love, sex and obsession.

Each of Porter’s previously unpublished poems deals with the disillusions of love and lust,
 as well as the blinding moments of blazing connection. Porter is known for the visceral power of her language; for crafting characters, scenarios and poems that crackle with sexual energy. Her journey into ‘love’s hopeless fiery maze’ is no exception.

Finn, onstage with Abi Tucker, will conjure 
a wild world of lust, paranoia and possession; a wanton labyrinth, which/ maps the twists and turns of desire.

The Fiery Maze
18 Aug – 4 Sep
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