AMPAG, Circus Oz Rock Bang

Rock Bang

November 2018

Thu 15 

Circus Oz

Circus Oz

The Coopers Malthouse



Circus Oz is thrilled to round out their 40th year celebrations with the world premiere season of Rock Bang, a circus rock opera. An original, hilarious rock’n’roll extravaganza, Rock Bang has been co-created with Otto & Astrid from the (self-proclaimed) best band in the world: Die Roten Punkte.

Circus Oz Artistic Director, Rob Tannion, explains, “We are so thrilled to finally premiere this exclusive season of Rock Bang – a riotous hard-rocking Circus Oz explosion detonated by Otto & Astrid. It combines loud rock music, big speakers, unapologetic circus skills and tricks, alongside plenty of stupidity and laughter.”

Part rock concert, part side-splitting comedy and smashed together with acrobatic punk anarchy, Rock Bang is a sensory feast of heart stopping stunts, physical ridiculousness, soaring guitars, thumping drums and contagious tunes.

15 – 25 November

The Coopers Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre


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