AMPAG, Black Swan State Theatre Company Black Swan State Theatre Company:Tartuffe


October 2016

Wed 26 

Black Swan State Theatre Company

Black Swan State Theatre Company

Heath Ledger Theatre



This revival of Moliere's classic 17th Century satire is divine intervention gone mad!

Ogron is a wealthy man attempting to come to terms with middle age. Fortunately for him, and much to the dismay of his family, he meets Tartuffe – a supposed man of the cloth. Though everyone else can see Tartuffe for the fraud he really is, Orgon becomes obsessed with him, and it isn’t long before Orgon won’t make a decision without him.

The relationship initially appears to be harmless, however when Orgon begins promising his possessions, his home, even his daughter to Tartuffe, Orgon’s family resolves to expose Tartuffe for the swindler he is.

Filled with biting satire, this adaptation of thumping English verse by Justin Fleming will keep you enthralled with its Australian vernacular and subversive wit.

WA Premiere

Co-production with Queensland Theatre Company

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