AMPAG, Belvoir Belvoir:Which Way Home

Which Way Home

January 2017

Fri 13 

08:00 PM



25 Belvoir St

Surry HillsNSW


Tash and her Dad have hit the road – they’re going home to country, where the sky is higher and the world goes on forever.

It’s a long way from the wide streets and big old houses of Tash’s childhood, back when she was a black face in a very white suburb. Dad still thinks he’s the King of Cool, but he’s an old fella now. It’s time for Tash to take him home.

Katie Beckett’s written a road movie for the stage, which is also a beautiful father-daughter story. I especially like the way it catches the extraordinary amounts of love that bind Indigenous Australia together. – Eamon

An ILBIJERRI Theatre Company production in association withBelvoir & Sydney Festival

Indigenous theatre at Belvoir supported by The Balnaves Foundation