AMPAG, Belvoir Belvoir:The Dog / The Cat

The Dog / The Cat

April 2017

Sat 15 

08:00 PM



Sydney Opera House



This double bill was a sleeper hit when it played Downstairs in 2015. Now it returns, this time on the Upstairs stage.

The Dog, Brendan Cowell’s not-so-flattering portrait of the tricky line between mateship and romance, and of the insatiable appetite of Jack Russells for the most disgusting things they can find.

And The Cat, Lally Katz’s fable of the perils of co-owning a feline with your ex, and the things a cat would say if he was allowed to speak his mind.

Lally and Brendan and Ralph managed to reinvent the rom-com for the stage in a way that was completely beguiling and very, very funny. It was clear at the end of its season that its life was far from over. – Eamon