AMPAG, Belvoir Belvoir:Girl Asleep

Girl Asleep

Image Credits: Photo by Brett Boardman

December 2016

Sun 04 

06:30 PM



Belvoir st Surry Hills



Caught in the headlights of her 15th birthday, Greta wishes she could be anywhere else. A Windmill Theatre production.

And strangely enough ‘anywhere else’ is exactly where she finds herself – a peculiar Through-the-Looking-Glass existence that transforms the weird hypocrisy of the adult world into something absurdly beautiful. The bitchy twins who make school a misery, her almost too-romantic imaginary boyfriend, her hyperventilating parents… they all crop up in her tour of her own subconscious. But eventually, even a girl asleep has to wake up.

In recent years we’ve come to know and love Matthew Whittet’s distinctive voice (Seventeen,Cinderella,Old Man). Now, from its season at the Adelaide Festival, we present his hit collaboration with Windmill’s Director Rosemary Myers – a play about being lost in the jungle of teenagerdom and coming out the other side.

Part fable and part lipstick-smeared vigilante escapade, this is a girl’s own adventure. Heroism and gender implode in a gaudy and gawky rite-of-passage story like you’ve never seen. Or have chosen to forget.

Don’t think you’re too old for this happy mayhem. Fifteen never dies.

A Windmill Theatre production