AMPAG, Belvoir Belvoir:Faith Healer

Faith Healer

Image Credits: Photo by Brett Boardman

October 2016

Wed 26 

08:00 PM



25 Belvoir St Surry Hills



Last century. The lovelorn, the malformed and the sick flock to a gifted rogue billed The Fantastic Francis Hardy: Faith Healer.

Frank drifts the back roads of Britain with his embittered wife and tired-of-life manager, hoping to find their way home. He might be just another shyster, more showman than shaman. But the trouble is, sometimes Fantastic Francis actually does bring the healing touch.

The masterpiece of one of the greatest playwrights of the last 50 years, Brian Friel’sFaith Healer becomes more and more fascinating as it progresses. On one level about artifice and social responsibility, it’s also the story of what it means for a damaged family to be healed, and what it means to be truly saved.

Hardy is an extraordinary creation: lovable charmer, proud tyrant, exploiter, saviour; saintly when he’s sinning, most honest in his lies. Who better to bring the Healer to life than Brian Friel’s near-namesake, our own Colin Friels?